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<新瓶>在意大利盧卡國際紙藝雙年展展出 “Vase”- Lucca Biennale 2018

LUCCA BIENNALE國際紙藝雙年展是世界上最大的紙張藝術、設計和構建展覽。於2004年誕生於意大利的歷史古鎮盧卡。

Lucca Biennale is the biggest event in the world on art, design and architecture in paper. Born in 2004, it takes place within the historical walls of Lucca.

本次雙年展,黃文翰帶來了他最新的作品“新瓶”。這是一個2米高的紙制花瓶 。






語言是文化的載體。 承傳廣東話文化,是歷史賦予我們的重任。

In 2018 Lucca Biennale, Joe Wong brings his work "Vase".

The vases nurture lives, carrying the essence and the meaning of life. Everything on earth has a inseparable connection. The essence of life is "continuation" We exist for the continuation of life and also for the connection of the world. Language is a carrier of culture. The spirit of Cantonese has to be passed on to future generations.

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