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The micro paper model with the macro world view


FingerART improves and refines the traditional paper craftsmanship. Combining different themes and advanced engraving technology.
FingerART has a macro world view. The small-scale building kits are available in a variety of theme including from old fish market to modern architecture. Blank human body is also available and you can draw, paint and give life to them!
It is happy to build, display and collect FingerART which satisfy beginner to advanced users. All parts are in the same scale and the free-style creation is possible, you can create your own unique world!


FingerART 改進並完善了傳統的紙張工藝。 結合不同主題和先進的雕刻技術。
FingerART 具有宏世界視圖。 小型建築工具包具有各種主題,包括從舊魚市場到現代建築。





Scene of Japan

Paper art is one of the traditional arts of Japan. FingerART ''Scene of Japan'' series is the outcome of the combination of modern paper crafting and advanced engraving technique. They are an exquisite paper art with a unique Japanese story behind them.



FingerART ''Hong Kong Story'' series combines the beauty of traditional Chinese paper craftsmanship with Hong Kong local cultural elements. The outcome of that is an exquisite paper art with a unique Hong Kong Style Story behind it.

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