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design concept

Connects the past and the present
with finest craftsmanship

Paper has always been our medium for telling stories.

Paper can have unlimited possibilities. We draw inspiration from the graceful curves of traditional paper-cut art. Our work reinterprets and sublimates the traditional paper-cut art. This is the breakthrough point of paper art's color, structure, layer and fineness. We take the cultural elements of different regions as the theme of creation.  Our work become an expression vector of traditional culture, and they contribute to the inheritance of culture.


The art of paper-cutting is a traditional art with a history of 1500 years in China. And it has been selected as a national intangible cultural heritage list. We hope that the new art of paper-cutting can show the Chinese cultural heritage and promote traditional culture. And paper art brings a breakthrough that connects the past and the present.

paper art
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Joe, Wong Man Hon

Paper Art Artist, Product Designer

As an artist and a designer, with a piece of paper and extraordinary imagination, Joe Wong has successfully created thousands of two-dimensional or three-dimensional paper art works, and is famous for his design aesthetics of "one paper, one world".

Joe is good at using art and culture as the core concept, combining the essence of modern design aesthetics to create innovative and unique designs.

Rich colors, distinct layers, concise composition and deep impression are the characteristics of Joe's works. Every piece of paper in his hands is a fascinating work of paper art that combines the essence of modern design aesthetics.

Since 2011, Joe Wong has been using paper art as a medium of creation. From art to commercial design, he constantly thinks out of the box and make new attempts in the field of creation. Since 2016, his paper art works have been invited to be exhibited in local and overseas art exhibitions, including Art Central, Affordable Art Fair in Hong Kong and Singapore, LUCCA BIENNALE International Paper Art Biennale in Italy, etc. Joe Wong has been invited to create large-scale paper art installation works at exhibitions and shopping malls. In 2016, he held his first modern paper art exhibition in Shenzhen, with the theme of light and shadow interaction in paper art, which received widespread response.


JOE WONG DESIGN CO. was founded and operated by Mr. Joe Wong.

He takes art culture as the core concept, combining traditional culture and art elements with the essence of modern design aesthetics, and creating innovative and unique designs.

In the past ten years, it has cooperated and cooperated with more than a hundred of local and foreign brands and corporates. JOE WONG DESIGN has always been design-oriented, providing strategic thinking of art and design for client brands. Brand strategy, product innovation, art cooperation and design consultants have been enhancing the market and brand value for clients.

Since 2011, Joe has successively established his paper art brands POSTalk, FingerART and Jw., and is committed to developing innovative products that combine design with culture and art. With the exquisite craftsmanship and rich creativity, JOE WONG DESIGN creates paper art products that are widely welcomed by consumers and commercial customers. The company and its brands, were received several awards, including:

A' Design Award & Competition 2023 - Winner

The 33rd Hong Kong Print Awards 2022 - 1 Gold, 4 Silver, 2 Bronze Awards

Design for Asia Awards 2022 - Merit

Design Intelligence Award 2022, 2020 - Honorable Mention

The 32nd Hong Kong Print Awards 2021 - 2 Gold, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze Awards

GBA Cultural Creative Design Competition 2020 - Merit

Hong Kong Smart Gifts Design Awards 2022, 2021, 2018, 2016, 2014, 2013 - Mulitple Awards

40 Under 40 Award 2017 (Product Design)

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University - Outstanding ME Alumni (Young Achiever) Awardees

2015 Hong Kong Emerging Brand (Hong Kong Brand Development Council)

HSBC Youth Business Award 2015 - Silver Award

PolyU Micro Fund Award 

The 6th Hong Kong Lighting Design Competition - Open Group Champion

Reinterpreting Traditional culture in Modern Aesthetics


Joe Wong Design has always taken cultural heritage as the core of his creation, focusing on absorbing traditional culture and reinterpreting it in line with the essence of modern design aesthetics. The works can be combined in a variety of styles, or it can be stripped away and only keep the basic lines of the core. Each work shows its uniqueness. The works are both sublimation and restoration. It can show the primitive simplicity of traditional paper art, and it can show the modern sense of simplicity and refinement. It is the essence of the combination of tradition and contemporary.

made in HK

Leading the traditional paper-cut art to transform.


The art of paper-cutting is a traditional art with a long history. After being reinterpreted and treated with modern craftsmanship, it immediately shows a fashionable appearance. Combining branded products with modern design aesthetics, traditional paper art has become a new design symbol that appears leisurely in each piece. The design works can not only show the spectacular exquisiteness of traditional paper art, but also the essence of culture and the modern sense of simplicity and refinement. It is a masterpiece of fresh and elegant, traditional and contemporary.


Designed in Hong Kong, Made in Hong Kong

Committed to developing original products that truly belong to and represent Hong Kong

Mr. Joe Wong and the team have successively established his own brands POSTalk and FingerART, focusing on the development of tourism gifts, cultural and artistic products and Model etc. In addition to the theme of famous Hong Kong attractions, a lot of themed products full of Hong Kon traditional festivals have been created. It is hoped that more people will understand and respect Hong Kong culture, so as to contribute to the inheritance of Hong Kong culture.

Over the past few years, more than 200 branded products have been developed and for sale in Hong Kong, other Asia and European countries. In addition, the company customized exclusive art gifts for over hundreds of local companies, international brands, the Hong Kong government, charities, local universities, etc..


Contribute with Design, Change Society with Paper Art

Help people with disabilities enter the job market

In February 2019, the "+HK" Store on the Avenue of Stars became the first pilot store for Mr. Joe Wong and his team, encouraging people with disabilities to work from product assembly, to front end sales, and achieve the integration of business and social responsibility.

Since engaging in design work, our brand designers have always shouldered social responsibilities, committed to uniting the disadvantaged groups in Hong Kong, leading them to participate in the production of Hong Kong original products, promoting Hong Kong culture, promoting Hong Kong's core values, and helping the disadvantaged groups integrate into society.

For a long time, commercial organizations often only outsource some low-tech packaging work to the disabled due to misunderstanding. For ten years, most of the brand's products were produced in close cooperation with sheltered workshops. We have incorporated a "work-friendly" design approach during product development, taking into account the productivity and needs of people with disabilities. Our designers introduce safe, clear, and easy-to-assemble designs for each part of the product, and provide proper guidance and exclusive utensils during the production process to minimize the difficulties students encounter when making products. Develop specialty products that meet commercial considerations and take into account the productive capabilities of people with disabilities.

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