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Jw., Named after the designer.

It is the designer's most proud work, and it is also synonymous with the extreme and extreme of paper art!

Paper art is one of the traditional arts of Asia. Our strong technique applied for the paper art has achieved the durability in living condition. We use stronger but simple design to greatly enhance the strength and stability of paper art works, and reduce the difficulty of storage. Allowing users both at home and at public places to arrange, present and share easily.

For five years, we have been researching how paper art works can be permanently encapsulated in highly stable materials. However, most solution is often rejected due to high cost, complicated process, low process stability, and material limitations.

Eventually we find a balance among the various constraints, creating a new process technology that provides adequate protection for the paper art and keeps cost and structural complexity within control.

Jw. ,以設計師為名。







magnet 4.jpg

Paper Art Magnet

Magnets are embedded in the base of these packaged paper artwork. Their surprising magnetic force will enable them to stick to magnetic surfaces. You can also display your favorite magnets on any table using our stand.


Our design is exquisitely crafted, delicately decorated and tends to depict the natural scenery. We draw inspiration from the beautiful curves of Japanese traditional art. Things such as mountains, rivers, birds, and sakura all reflect our unique aesthetic appeal, and it pushes paper art to the extreme of beauty.


With many years of experience in paper-cutting and the most dedicated hands of professional staff, we have finally achieved the perfect combination of traditional and modern craftsmanship. Our design incorporates color, multi-layer structure, three-dimensional composition, and light and shadow effects for traditional paper art. Leading the art of paper to the extreme of beauty.





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