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《K11 10週年 x 鏞記酒家 70週年》

特別紀念版 限量月餅禮盒
K11 X Yuen Kee Middle Autumn Festival Deluxe Gift Box


創立75週年的 鏞記酒家 與現代藝術品牌 K11 成立10週年首次跨界合作。

他們希望有一件獨特的作品來紀念他們的第一次跨界合作。 他們特別邀請藝術家-Joe Wong,創作以"明月中秋"為主題的藝術品。 鏞記酒家 是香港最具代表性的餐廳之一。 K11是現代藝術設計的領頭人。 Joe設計了具有傳統和現代元素並結合了東西方特色的中秋節紀念套裝,作品於中秋節限量銷售。 該項目非常成功,並引起了巨大反響。 它已經被許多媒體報導,並為該品牌帶來了極大的宣傳。

The 75-year-old "Yung Kee Restaurant" and the 10th anniversary of the modern art brand K11 first cross-border cooperation.


They expect a unique piece to commemorate their first crossover. They specially invited artist - Joe Wong to create works of art with the theme of Mid-Autumn Festival. "Yung Kee Restaurant" is one of the most representative restaurants in Hong Kong. K11 is a brand of modern art design. Joe created the Mid-Autumn Festival commenmorative suit with traditional and modern elements combined with Eastern and Western features with the title of "Mid-Autumn Moonlight". And the product limited sales in the Mid-Autumn Festival. The project was very successful and caused great repercussions. It has been reported by many media and brought great publicity to the brand.

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