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  • Handmade item (Made to Order

  • Materials: Xuan paper, Canvas, Scroll mounting, Rayon printing, Chinese painting scroll, cotton canvas, Giclee Canvas, Silk, canvas wrap, Canvas gallery wrap, Chinese hanging scroll, East Asian Art

  • Width: 68 centimeters

  • Height: 46 centimeters

  • Craft: Painting, Printing & printmaking

Asian Decorative Handwriting by Man Hon, Handwritten Chinese Calligraphy Art

庫存單位: 364215376135191
Silk Color
  • Walls can display one's personality!
    Our artworks explore and bring to life a world from the great dynasties art originated in China. My store opens a little window to share East Asian Art. Some artworks come from contemporary Chinese painters. Fine art print better than original art trash. It yields brilliant prints to brighten up any room. It extends the life of the original masterpiece. Comparing with expensive original paintings, it just lets us can feel the charm of Chinese art without cost a fortune.
    I treat every piece of artwork seriously.
    I hope it will be a timeless conversational masterpiece in your life journey!

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